At our premises in Ridderkerk we have a complete laboratory to do tests on sludge samples. The test provides a first indication on the separation efficiency of a decanter centrifuge, chemical consumption (if required) and sludge retention time.


These laboratory tests executed by HAUS are free of any charges.


If laboratory tests are successful, we can guarantee the performance of our decanter centrifuges or do a field test with our demonstration unit. At this moment we have a 30ft containerised unit. A container equipped with a DDE 3542 decanter.

The containerised test unit is equipped with all the required machinery to achieve the test at customer's site:

  • DDE 3542 decanter;

  • Sludge pump;

  • Polymer pump;

  • Flow meters for sludge and polymer;

  • Polymer unit;

  • Heating & lighting;

  • Effluent tank with level indication and effluent pump;

  • Scroll conveyor to transport the sediment out of the container.