Buy or lease?
Renting is also possible.

Do you have a sludge stream that you want to process but not the capacity to make a decanter centrifuge with side equipment profitable.
Renting is then possibly the best alternative. HAUS has a wide range of decanter centrifuges available that can be used to process your sludge stream.

For a short or long period of time we have a suitable solution.
The capacity of these machine are from minimal 500 up to maximum 35.000 liters per hour. In addition all mobile units are supplied with the necessary side equipment like pumps, polymer unit, static mixers, effluent tank, controls etc. These mobile units can be rented for a short or longer period of time.

Naturally HAUS can supply you with the necessary chemicals or operating personnel. This makes it possible to offer you a turnkey solution to process your sludge stream in an efficient and simple manner. Should you have doubts that a decanter centrifuge can be used to process your sludge stream, HAUS can perform a test free of charge in its own laboratory to determine the possibilities.

HAUS is the right address for buying, leasing or renting. It is our pleasure to think along with you.

Are you curious to know what the possibilities are, then feel free to contact our sales department. or +31 85 48 91 190